Review: Team Geek

Team Geek cover

Team Geek is a perfect read for every software engineer, no matter whether working in a big or small company.

The book revolves around authors’ careers as a software developers and later as a team leads/managers. As the authors’ careers, the book also progresses from team work to managing people (a lot on that).

People may disagree with this book’s title since it says it’s focused on a software developer’s point of view, but actually focus a lot more on managers, but is that a bad thing?

All employed software developers have someone responsible for managing them. Understanding that person’s job and the meaning behind his/hers actions will help you build a better relationship with your manager and ease the work.

Also, you’ll be a much more responsible team member if you can micromanage yourself and not make that your manager’s job. I mean, everybody hates being extensively micromanaged by others or doing that to others. And people working in smaller companies can’t have the luxury of someone watching over your back all the time, so being a manager to yourself is a win-win situation.

The Humility-Respect-Trust mantra is something we all know well, but the situations described through the chapters, make us give it all a second thought. Ben and Brian have faced more than most people have/will. Learning from their experience is a sure way to make the right call in more situations.

So, do yourself, your team, your manager, a favor and read Team Geek by Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman.

P.S The authors may have advertised Google a bit too much :D