Review: Introducing Python

Introducing Python cover

The book Introducing Python by Bill Lubavonic, is mix between an introductionary book and a cookbook. But does it find the perfect balance? It certainly does!

According to the description, the book is appropriate for beginning programmers, but that’s not the case. If you begin your programming journey, stop now, head to the Head First series. This is not a book for beginning programmers. You’ll find yourself googling more than reading, because the materials are harder.

But if you are an experienced programmer and want to test your Python skills or want to pick Python up in a weekend, this is the right book for you. Introducing Python is nothing short of amazing. I’m convinced that this book will show you everything needed to master Python and especially the functional paradigm. Anonymous and high-order functions, generators, iterators - you’ll learn them!

I personally liked the Data Has to Go Somewhere and Concurrency and Networking chapters the most. It’s something that many language docs fail to explain in details, Python has pretty good docs, but the book does a way better job to explain it.

Missing something? The Appendix chapters cover the abstract art, work and science. Art as expected is graphics and GUI, but work is much more interesting. It explains some of the tricks to work with Python in the finance sector. And at last, science covers the big 5 Python libraries for Science - Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, SciKit and IPython.

Verdict: You should read this book. It’s worth the time and there’s a lot of cat humor. Who doesn’t love cats and humor?

Again, you can find the book here !